At The Cross

There is a place at the foot of the cross where we all must go. What does that place mean to you?

Is it a place of salvation and forgiveness for you as you turn from a life of sin? Is it a place where you bring God your broken marriage and seek restoration and healing? Is it a place to pour out your heart before God about children who have strayed from the Lord? Do you express to Him all the anxieties and fears that fill your mind? Do you come to Him for the one thousandth time to lay down yet again the sin that so easily entangles you? Is the foot of the cross the inner chamber for you where you go to be alone with God and share the intimacies and wonders of who He is? Does the cross blaze with fire for you and ignite you heart with a desire to reach the lost? Do you come to cast all your cares there upon Him? Do you seek there in His shadow strength and a place of refuge? Are you longing to receive a peace that passes all understanding? Do you bring all the pieces of your life and lay them at His feet? Do you come expecting to receive the same power that raised Jesus from the dead to bring those pieces back together once again? Do you come and fall as dead at His feet? Do you come with a humble and a contrite spirit desiring Him to be lifted up? Do you come to bow before Him and give Him the worship that He so richly deserves? Do you come to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords hanging on that cross for you? Do you come to just say I love you Lord, Thank you Jesus? Do you come to hear the voice of the eternal speak love deep into your heart? Do you come just to fall on your face before Him and call upon His wonderful name?

I hope so...

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