the Battle is Not Ours

I was reminded today by a good friend that when the battle rages around us, we have nothing to fear when we walk with Jesus. John tells us (I John 4:18) that the perfect love of Christ casts out all our fears. That sounds good, but when we're in the midst of the storm, its difficult to focus on that truth. The bigger the battle, the more we fight and the harder we try to find our way out of it. The problem is that the battle is not ours, but the Lord's (II Chr. 20:15). Often, He is the one who leads us into that place just like Jesus was lead into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. God always gives us the weapons we need to overcome and they are mighty through God for the pulling down of strong holds (II Cor. 10:4), but we can't use those supernatural weapons when we keep trying to use the weapons that we think will get the job done. We have so many thoughts and plans and methods we use everyday to engage the battles we find ourselves in, but all we really need to do is be still and know that He will be God in every situation. For me that's where the battle lies. I have to fight all the other voices trying to pull me away from that resting place. That includes the one in my own head which speaks the loudest, always telling me I need to do something or say something to help God out. If we are still long enough to hear that still small voice speak into our hearts, we will hear Him say "What is in your hand? What is the weapon I have given you?" and then we will see we have a sword, the precious, living Word of God. How could we ever need anything else. I love the Word because it is absolutely eternal and whole and complete and perfect in every way. The Word of God will go before us and light our path and fight our battles. All we have to do is yield to it's power in our lives. So do whatever it takes to get alone with God and listen, and find the peace and rest in Him you need to hold fast in the midst of the storm. Spend time in His Word and let it go before you and accomplish much for the glory of God.

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