Jesus, The One and Only

I added another quote to my favorite quotes list today. "Christ + Nothing" by Howard Hendricks. For me, thats all that needs to be said because Jesus is all I need. Of course we have many other needs in our life, but they will all be met through Christ if we allow Him to do so. It seems like such a simple concept, but we like to make it way more complicated. I told a friend last night that being a Christian (True follower of Jesus Christ for those of you who think Christian means something else) is the easiest thing in the world and its also the hardest thing in the world. Its easy because Christ has already paid the price for our freedom and He has given us His Word and His Holy Spirit. All that is left for us to do is to yield to Him. Just say yes to Jesus, thats it, but that can be the hardest thing in the world to do sometimes when the whole world, the enemy, others, and our own self is telling us to go in a different direction. The Bible tells us we only have to believe on Jesus to be saved, but it also tells us to overcome and to endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

My thought is that at some point we (Believers who are the Church) have to stop making it about everything else. We like to live in a constant state of expectancy waiting for the next big idea to bring forth the fruit we think it will, then after a while, when it doesn't we think of something else and try again. Jesus left us with His Word and His Spirit and a command to go and make disciples. Thats all we need. I'm not condemning the Church, I'm condemning myself because I am the church, so for me, I want my life to be all about Jesus Christ. I want Him to be high and lifted up in my life and in my family and in the ministry He has given me to do. The Word promises us that if Jesus is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Himself. Then He will be glorified and receive all the Honor He so richly deserves through our lives.

I want to encourage you to diligently seek the Lord and ask Him daily how you can make Jesus the one and only in your life.

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