What Do You Seek?

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What do you seek? Ask anyone this question and you'll get many different answers. Some would say money, success, happiness, fulfillment in life, a good marriage, and on and on. We are all seeking something with our life. The thing we seek is the things deep down that we desire the most. If we profess to be a Christian, we would say right away that we seek the Lord and His will in our lives. But I have to be honest that I find very few who truly seek Him. To seek something with our whole life is to want it at the very core of our being. Everything we do and think about and say will somehow help us get what we desire. Many times we seek the same things everyone else does, but we use Christ as a way to get there. We have to come to a point where there is nothing else we seek but Christ. For me this has been a journey. A journey that starts with our honesty as we come before the Lord. In the quietness of our time alone with Him, we confess to Him that we need Him and we want to want Him, we want to love and seek Him, but we can not do it on our own. Asking for His help is the first step. He has promised to send us His helper the Holy Spirit and we can open the door for that help by simply asking. As we continue on the journey we will see our love and desire for the Lord grow, and as we diligently seek Him, He will be found.

As Christian (The main character of the book) leaves his home and the the world he knows behind him, there are two men who go out to stop him. They cannot understand why Christian has just rejected all that they live for. The things of his old life no longer satisfy him because he has encountered the truth of the Word. The character "Obstinate", asks Christian as he begins his journey, "What are the things you seek"? His answer is focused and clear and eternal, and our answer should be as well.

"OBSTINATE: What are the things you seek, since you leave all the world to find them?
CHRISTIAN: I seek an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not away, 1 Peter 1:4; and it is laid up in heaven, and safe there, Heb. 11:16, to be bestowed, at the time appointed, on them that diligently seek it. Read it so, if you will, in my book. " (Pilgrim's Progress - Part 1, The First Stage)

I encourage you to leave all the world has for you and diligently seek the Lord always pressing on to one day receive an incoruptable inheritance that will never fade away. If you find the desire to begin that journey is not in you, then go and read about it if you will in the book, God's Holy Word.

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