On My Knees

Each year our church enters into a time of prayer and fasting for the first 21 days of the year. Each year the Lord has spoken to me as to how He would have my wife and I to participate. The key to fasting that I have found is obedience. There is no formula as to what to fast or how long. The Bible gives us several examples like the 3 day fast or the 21 day Daniel type fast, but Daniel and Esther, and others did what they did because that's what the Lord told them to do and they were obedient. Obedience opens the door to spiritual growth.

This year we felt to fast our time and not focus so much on food. We have tried the best we can to spend allot of time in the Word and prayer together and individually. I can tell you that God has spoken to us and shared His truths with us during this time. I feel like I've spent allot of time on my knees these past two weeks. That's a good thing. For the most part I think the body of Christ has lost touch with how to pray. I find it difficult myself at times because all the other things of life that we allow to intrude on that holy ground. A life of prayer and the powerful effectiveness it will have on the body of Christ begins in me and it begins in you. There are vast hidden treasures available to us in God if only we will fall to our knees and ask and seek and knock. We can allow our hearts and minds to be filled with hope because He has promised to answer, to be found, and to open unto us. Thank You Jesus.

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