Praying Through

"Prayer is the most precious privilege God has given to His church" - Hattie Hammond

When I was growing up I heard allot about "Praying Through". I never really understood it, but I saw the results of it in those that did. What does it mean for us to pray through until we touch God? Lately I have come in contact with people who I know are desperate to hear from the Lord, and to experience a moment of intimacy with Him and hear His voice. Many situations we will encounter in our life time have no natural answer. If we want to grow through these times, then we have to hear from God. Many of us have a bad habit (Me included) of getting down to pray and the moment God begins to answer we are off and running. We have to resist that temptation and learn to wait upon the Lord. The essence and substance of our prayer time needs to be about Jesus Himself. So when we pray through we don't just hear from the Lord, but we touch Him, we walk away with more of Him, more of an intimate knowing of Him. I used to think this happened all at once that we have to keep praying until this happens. I think God does call us to that once in a while, but for the most part its a process. Prayer is not about just praying through every time my life circumstances press me into that place, but it is a process of learning to live in that place of being prayed through.

Put the time in and let the Holy Spirit teach you to wait upon the Lord and pray through.

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