Untie My Hands

Some friends of mine gave me a few TD Jakes CDs for Christmas. I wonder if they know how much that gift was divinely timed by God to speak courage to my heart as I faced some real battles this past month. One thing we have to learn as believers is that our God will never leave us or forsake us. In fact, He is way ahead of us preparing the way. The next time you feel alone in a barren place in your life, take a minute to look around. God has already given you the help you need to find your way out. He has already given you provision and strength for the battle to come. You may not feel that or see His provision, but when you step into battle and that first blow comes, you will see it deflected by the shield you didn't know was in your hand. God is there. He is fighting for you. Trust in Him. Believe that He will raise up a standard against the enemy at the right moment.

Anyway TD Jakes talks about Jg 15:14 where the Jews come to bind Sampson and take him to the Philistines. Then the Bible says that "The Spirit of the LORD came upon him mightily so that the ropes that were on his arms were as flax that is burned with fire, and his bonds dropped from his hands." The enemy will come to bind us with new cords and then he will tell us that they cannot be broken. The enemy has no power over God's people, but if we believe his words then they will have power over us. If we believe the cords cannot be broken, then they will hold us fast. I would encourage you though to believe the Word of the Lord that tells you and it tells me that greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world. Then you will see that the cords that bind your life are like flax or linen that has been burnt with fire and they are easily broken.

What is it that binds your life? What have you allowed to have power over you? Allow the Spirit of the Lord to come mightily upon you and He will renew your mind and set you free!

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