Faith in the Storm

Every time I read the story in Luke 8:22-25 about when Jesus fell asleep in the boat with the disciples during a fierce storm, I wonder why Jesus rebuked them for their lack of faith. I can very easily put myself in their place and I probably would have been the first one to run over and wake Jesus. When the disciples woke Him, He calmed the storm, then asked His disciples, where is your faith? What did He expect of them?

I know there have been times in my life when I'm doing my thing with Jesus by my side and then a fierce storm rises. My first reaction is to cry out to Him to save me and bring me out of the circumstances I find pressing in around me ready to overtake my life. I'm thankful though that His ways are higher than mine and He does not always bring me out right away. Sometimes we need to weather the storm to grow. I remember when our son was a baby and he would not let us put him in his crib without crying. We finally left him cry for over two hours. We checked in on him every 10 minutes, but we could not pick him up. Each night the crying got less until he learned there was no reason to cry. We are a lot like that with Jesus. We so quickly forget what He has already spoken to us. What did He tell the disciples? He said "Let us go to the other side". That thought quickly left their mind when the storm came and we do the same. After a while though, we need to learn to go through the storm leaning on the Word He has already given us. His Word will take us through any storm.

If you are in a storm, and the temptation to run over and wake Jesus is overwhelming, just take a deep breath and think back to what He has spoken into your life. What has He promised to do? He will deliver you and keep you and bring about all the promises He has for you. He will complete the work He has begun in you and He will bring you safely through the storm. Rest in Him and have faith in His precious Word.

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