The Testing Place

Have you ever felt like God has put you in a testing place? Have you ever felt like you have been there so long, it begins to become a new normal for you as you begin to forget where you once were and who you used to be? I find myself everyday looking out on the world around me like I'm in a strange unfamiliar place. There is a certain feeling of emptiness and detachment about this place. I find God brings me to a place where the things of the world begin to grow strangely dim and I let them go because they have lost their value to me. Like Frodo in the Lord of the Rings, I have forgotten the taste of food and the feeling of grass under my feet. I find every morning I have to run to the Lord because He is the only thing that makes any sense. I hide myself in His strong tower while the darkness passes by and people speak their words and men choose their own destiny. I wish I could remain there, hidden in Him, but He pushes me out into the world of men. There I see nothing but pride and envy, selfishness and lust, vain ambition and deceit. There I see myself. What a wonderful Savior is our Jesus, what a blessed living hope we have in Him.

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