Moving Forward

If you are like me, there are always things in your life you seem to be waiting for. We all have dreams and visions of what we feel God wants to do in our life, yet we remain where we are day after day waiting for God to do what He has spoken to us. What do we need to do to bring these things about? We absolutely need to wait on the Lord and only move with His direction and leading, but if He has put a dream in our heart then He has already spoken to give us the first step. What is the step we need to take to begin making the dream a reality? I am convinced we need to do two things at the moment God speaks these things in our heart.

First we must pray. Oswald Chambers says prayer is not preparing to do the work, but prayer is the work. I believe we can accomplish the dream in our times of prayer and then God will begin to open the doors before us to walk out in the natural what we have received in prayer. God cannot move on our behalf until we have prepared ourself for what He has for us. We do that in prayer. Prayer does not change circumstances around me as much as it changes me and then I can go and change the circumstances.

Secondly, we need to begin to prepare and live as if we already have the promise. There is no time with God. When He speaks the dream into our heart, He is ready to begin the work. Too often we wait for God to just do it and make it happen, but we must act. We need to begin to take steps to receive what He has for us and live as if we already have it. This can be difficult to do because we don't know how to live out what we have not yet received, but thats why the prayer must come first. As we pray, God will give direction about how we can start living in the dream. Don't wait another day. Don't miss all that God has for you.

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