The Veil of Difficulty

Bill Johnson says "Every advancement in the kingdom is proceeded by a veil of difficulty". I would have to agree with that, or at least I can agree with the veil of difficulty part. I have not seen the advancement part yet. I know its coming, but when? When is the question. I think the level and intensity of difficulty is directly related to the advancement that follows. If we suffer some difficulty throughout our day and we are able by God's grace to rise above it and overcome, we will grow a little in the kingdom because of our experience. There seems to be times though when God allows us to go through extended times of difficulty that seem to have no end in site. These times will not only advance us, but bring us out to a whole new place. Most people have experienced something like these times, but we would all agree everyone is unique and even in our own lives, each one is different and more difficult that the previous time. I think of Jesus as the ultimate example. We think about the cross when we think of Jesus' suffering for us, but think about how agonizing it could have been leading up to that point. I know it would have been for me. I'm sure Jesus everyday surrendered that to the Father and peace filled His heart. I know that same peace is available to me and every morning I ask, but I find it difficult to obtain and walk in it throughout the day. I think for me and for you, the key is endurance with our eyes fixed always on Jesus. The Bible tells us that for the joy set before Him Jesus endured the cross. He endured and overcame. He pressed through the veil of difficulty into a glorious resurrection. We have to follow His example by His power and by His Spirit.

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