Out of Touch

I listened to a message today of a man who God saved from a life of drug addiction. This man had a tone of love and thankfulness in his voice for Christ that I have not heard in a while. There was a desperation in his words to know Christ and bring the lost to know Him. We say we're desperate and we sing about it, but we have really lost touch with Christ in many way. We have lost touch with an unsaved world and the fact that they will spend eternity in Hell if they do not come to know Christ. We have somehow made it the "In" thing now to reach out to the community and be the church out there in the world. I'm not arguing that is what Christ intended for the church to do, and I agree we spend far too much time preaching to the choir instead of the unredeemed, but as usual, we have made it into another movement or the next best thing complete with buzz words, books, and TV specials. I wish we could just forget about all that and go love people. This drug addicted man with his ruined life was saved because some humble, loving Christian man cared enough to be his friend. It took a lot of time for that love to penetrate the darkness, but it did eventually. Most of us today don't have time for that approach. We like results and if the solution doesn't come with a guaranteed fast turn around, then we're not interested. Thats why prayer is not usually very high on most peoples list. It takes too much time to pray through to an answer. I'm convinced we have not yet even come close to really understanding the love God has for just one person. How much infinitely more does He love the whole world? The only way for us to begin to live and walk in His love is to ask the Holy Spirit for help as we come to Him with a humble and a contrite spirit. He will help us when we call on Him.

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