Do or Do Not

Sometimes we can learn the most amazing things from our kids. My son loves Star Wars. His mind is so active and he will consume whatever he loves. He is limited in how much TV and PS time he gets, but that doesn't stop him. He will take his light saber and run around our yard completely immersed in an intricate battle scene. I know if I want him to really learn and posses something for himself, I need to get it down into that same place in his mind.

We have been working with him to improve his reading skill, and he always says he cannot do it and he wants to give up. I then quoted Yoda who said "Do or do not, there is no try". I asked him what was his choice, do it or give up. He chose (reluctantly) to do it, and before he knew it we were through the book.

I thought about that same principle in my own life. I'm not seven years old anymore and I don't have a parent standing over my shoulder telling me I need to do my homework, but I do have the Holy Spirit walking with me and continually speaking the will of God into my heart. I have a choice to do or do not. I'll be honest, there are about a million things that go through my mind every day that I want to do or feel I need to do, like pray more, read more, connect with people, further my education, ect. I need to decide what I need to not do and what I need to do. Once I know what the Lord would have me to do, I need to do it, there is no try. If we are always trying to accomplish the tasks set before us, our life will soon be spent and we will have nothing to present to our Lord. I like the parable of the talents. The two men who doubled their talents decided to go and do and their master was pleased.

We need to continually submit our will to that of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to take every thought captive. Only then will we not just try, but go and do for the glory of God.

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