Ruthless Trust: Recognizing Jesus

I have been reading "Ruthless Trust", by Brennan Manning. I'm about half way through and it has been excellent. Very few books capture my attention like this one. Dallas Willard says "Brennan Manning throws firebrands into your soul". I can attest to that. I thought I would share some ongoing notes and thoughts as I work my way through this book.

As I have read Chapter 7 "Trusting Jesus", I feel my true self being ruthlessly exposed page by page as the Holy Spirit reveals my Jesus to me. Only Christ can penetrate the deepest parts of my soul, and still call me friend. I believe in you Lord, help me Trust!

Brennan quotes John McKinzie who explains his experience of Jesus

"The basic element seems to be recognition. We recognize that the person whom we have encountered speaks to our innermost being, supplies our needs, satisfies our desires. We recognize that this person gives life meaning. I do not say a new meaning, but meaning simply, for we realize that before we encounter this person life had no real meaning. We recognize that this person has revealed to us not only himself but our own true self as well. We recognize that we cannot be our own true self except by union with this person. In him the obscure is illuminated, the uncertain yields to the certain, insecurity is replaced by a deep sense of security. In him we find we have achieved an understanding of many things which baffled us. We recognize in his person strength and power which we can sense passing from him to us. Most certainly if most obscurely, we recognize that in him this person we have encountered God; and that we shall not encounter God in any other way"

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