Ruthless Trust: Trust Happens

Every once in a while, something rare and wonderful happens. Something unplanned, unfamiliar, and unexpected happens . . . I finish a book :) I do read a lot, I just can't seem to find books that keep my attention very long, except for the Bible of course, I've finished that one a few times. I read almost exclusively, Christian themed, spiritual life, discipleship kind of books. Some may see that as a flaw, but I'm just not interested in other topics, and usually I feel its a waste of time. I have whole book shelves full of half-read books. I do keep book marks in them with every intention of getting back to finish them up someday, but rarely ever do once I put them down. Anyway, I finished "Ruthless Trust". I highly recommend it as I'm sure you have guessed if you've been reading my recent blog entries.

Brennan Manning says "Trust happens! You will trust him to the degree that you know you are loved by him". Our trust grows as we experience Christ. Not just the knowledge of Him, but the experience of Him. As we experience Christ we are able to love and know we are loved. I struggle greatly with trust. I think we all do to one degree or another. If I really want to learn to trust, I need to totally abandon my impostor self and stand empty before my Lord wanting to be filled with Him alone. I have to let go of my pride, my self will, and my desire to be liked all the time. I have to remove the limits I have placed on Christ and allow Him to have His way. You know we really don't know what that means. We say we do, but thats the point. We try to be open and transparent in our prayer closet before the Lord, but is that really trust because He knows our every thought anyway. Its another matter to stand vulnerable before others and walk in weakness so Christ can be seen through our trusting life. Trust means I move from self-conscious, self-centered thinking to Christ-conscious, Christ-centered living.

Trust is a journey away from self and into Christ. I'm willing to take that journey one step at a time. Are You?

I believe in You Lord, help me Trust!

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