Ruthless Trust: No Greater Calling

There is no greater calling in all of eternity than to trust in Jesus. To truly trust Him, we must go beyond traditions, beyond knowledge, beyond believing, and beyond faith. Life in Christ is not about me, its not about the church, its not about winning the lost. It's simply all about Jesus. How can we stand in His majesty and sacrifice and glory and wholeness and holiness and love and say its about anything but Him? My redeemed life, His body, His bride, His precious shed blood, these are all expressions of Who He is. He is the ever living, transcendent God who exists beyond all comprehension, yet He is the intimate immanent Christ who lives within me. Can I give up everything to experience Him? Can I lay down my life to know Him? Can I truly trust Him? How can I do any less?

I think most people who call themselves Christians would say they believe in Jesus. Of those, some would go so far as to exercise faith in Christ to follow Him and live their life to serve Him. But how many of us would say we trust Him? Are we completely abandoned to God with our whole heart yielded to our Jesus? I don't think any of us are. My question then is not how can we get there, but why are we not there already! Do we see who Jesus is? Do we have even the smallest comprehension of His greatness? Our Lord spoke the universe into existence. He is seated on the right hand of the Father with all power and all authority and He is interceding on our behalf. His love knows no limits and He would give His life a thousand time over for someone like me. Why would I not trust Him? Why would I not run to Him and fall at His feet laying down the whole of my life? What keeps me from saying I count ALL things loss that I may know Him? NOTHING!

I believe in You Lord, help me Trust!

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