Used Car Salesman

Sorry to those of you who are hanging on my every word here (all two of you), I haven't had time to blog lately. I had an amazing trip to California to visit RockHarbor church. Check it out on the web if you get time. I'll share more about the trip another time.

My wife and I are in the unenviable process of buying a vehicle. Its a big deal for me because change is difficult. I have a 20 year old SUV that I will never get rid of. Eventually I'll take it off the road and use it around the house and make a planter or something out of it when it finally dies. God gave me that truck and its still good to me. Even though I don't really care for our 12 year old car, its easier to put up with it than to venture onto the car lot and deal with the used car sales people. I have a difficult time with people I know are not telling me the whole truth. I would never make it in the business because I would be honest and tell the customer what would be the best deal for them and mean it. I went in, we drove the vehicle, and then I told then realistically what we could afford. I guess they didn't believe me because they offered me $70 more a month than what I told them. I guess they have never dealt with a real man of integrity before. For the next hour I kept telling him the same thing. Well, at least my kids got balloons out of it. I have to admit, I dragged them along so they would get cranky if we were there too long and it would give me an excuse to leave. They were perfectly behaved until I finally left and they kept asking me if we were taking the nice new car home. Go figure. If your reading this Mr. Sales guy, you know my price. Genesis 12:3 says I will bless those who bless you, so here is your chance to get a big blessing.

I'm so glad when we come to the Lord, He is absolutely honest and perfectly just. I can lay at His feet and open my heart to Him, and He pours out His love to me. I love you Oh Lord my refuge and my strength!

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