Reliance on the Lord

I have found one of the most difficult things in our Christian walk is to rely on Jesus for everything. We all say we do, but when things get difficult, and the circumstances press in, and the waiting gets long, we bail. We reach our limit and we go back to the old methods and resources that we feel comfortable with. They have worked for us in the past and the temptation to rely on them just for a little while to get us out of the mess is often irresistible. We tell the Lord we desire to rely on Him, but we have to go take care of this little thing first, then we'll be back. Of course we don't see any of that while we are in the midst of the storm and the pressure is weighing down upon us. Thats why we need to make us our minds ahead of time and surround ourselves with people who will walk with us and remind us of our prior commitment and covenant with the Lord. Don't get angry with those people when they confront you. We all have a tenancy to invest ourself in our decisions. We take pride in the course we have chosen and we don't like to back away or have someone tell us they think our choice was unwise. Thats an immature response and it shows our lack of real intimacy and depth with the Lord. When we are playing games with the Lord we fight to maintain our appearances, and we care about ourself more than others or God, although we will not admit that, which is a trick of the enemy to keep us immature. When we are truly in love with Jesus, we will lay down anything to make sure we stay by His side and align our will with His. He must be our only source and all our reliance must be on Him.

When Israel was wondering in the dessert and the Lord provided manna for them, the first thing they did was disobey and collect enough for two days. We still do the same thing today. We carry so much extra baggage and self resource with us where ever we go. It has long ago spoiled and become worthless, but we keep holding on refusing to lay it down for something infinitely more valuable.

Be willing to lay down your will for His. Be ready for a fight and press forward while you beat your will into subjection to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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