Scripture Please

I was challenged today that all truth comes from the Word of God. It does not come from years, decades or even centuries of church tradition. It does not come from what our parents taught us, and it does not come from our pastor. If you're like me, you grew up surrounded by Christianity and church and a biblical world view. These are good things, but they are not enough to stand for truth. Only God's Word can do that, only His eternal Word can stand up to the scrutiny and criticisms of men. We get confused sometimes and we speak about things we have been taught or things we just know. Unless we find it in God's Word, and unless we have experienced it's power as the Holy Spirit reveals the truths there to our hearts, we can not claim it as truth.

I was challenged today as someone called into question beliefs I have held tightly to all my life. As I shared, they stated they did not believe what I was saying was true and they wanted to know where that was found in the Bible. We have to be ready on all occasions to share the Word with people. Not our beliefs, or our thoughts, but the precious, ever living Word of God. What makes God's Word living and sets it apart from being just a book is that we can share it from our hearts because God's Word has transformed us there and made us new. We do not share a book of stories about a God who is far away and for long ago. We can share the Jesus we love who brings life to every part of our being. His Word is living and powerful, sharper than a two edged sword, but we must know it and be able to share it.

When this person challenged my beliefs, I was not offended, but taken back at first because it cut through my nice neat church world. The Holy Spirit was faithful to give me the Words and point him to God's Word for an answer. So often we ask God for souls and look for Him to use us to change the world, but are we ready? How much does God want to pour out upon His people and entrust us with, but we are not yet ready to take responsibility for it?

Pray God will make us ready and tear down the box we live in and stretch us into His possibilities.

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