Grace for the Ragamuffin

OK, one more post on Ragamuffins . . .

The Lord is really making me take a good look at this thing. Its funny how we approach God in so many different ways and pat ourself on the back for our spiritual stature. In reality, we know nothing and we are at His mercy to teach us all things. Just let me warn you. You don't want to be a ragamuffin. Not only does it require you to let go of your pride, which we all have plenty of (Yes, you), but its a lonely journey. When you start walking down the path of humility and complete and utter dependence on God, people will start pulling away from you because they don't want that for their life. It' sad though because they really don't know what is they are rejecting yet they reject it all the same and they do it quickly without any thought. Some are so addicted to themselves, serving their self, pleasing their self, doing what feel good to them, that they can't even entertain a thought of taking a different path. I do get frustrated with spending so much energy just getting people to step on the path to real spiritual maturity. It would be nice to just walk with people on that journey and grow together. I could feel very discouraged because it seem like for most people, they are so hopelessly lost in their own world, that they will never find their way out to a selfless life, but in Christ all things are possible, and there is always hope.

That being said, I am one of those people. I know that life of utter dependence on Christ has been made available to me through my Jesus, but only He knows how difficult it is for me to step out of the boat. The choice to walk as a ragamuffin in life is a choice to allow God to show you how ugly the self life is that you are so proud of and have spent a life time building. Being a ragamuffin means you tell God He can take a look at what you've built and rearrange it as He sees fit. Its not pleasant either when he does. A few different times in the past weeks God has allowed people to say things to me that has really tested me. They have no clue and they are usually trying to help or something, but I know its God putting His finger on some area of pride in my life that I didn't know was there. The path to the low level of ragamuffin status is a series of choices we have to make to not run. When we can stand there and take it and let God cut away whatever He wants, then we're on the way to true selflessness.

Thank you for Your amazing Grace Lord that You have lavished upon me. I do not deserve it. I cannot earn it. I will take the life of a ragamuffin so that I can rule and reign with you and serve you forever.

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