Living in the Now

Its been a while for me to post anything. Sorry for those few of you who read these things. I got to go away with my wonderful wife last week to celebrate our 10 yr anniversary, so I'm feeling refreshed and the Lord is speaking to me lots of good things.

I've been thinking about how the enemy steals from us by pushing our thinking into the past or the future. God acts in the now, and deals with us in the now. Our past should be filled with testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness in our lives. The future is reserved for hope. The hope of all that He has promised He will do. The enemy uses the past to bring accusation and doubt into our minds. He presents to us a future full of fear and uncertainty. When we live in the now, we live in His voice, we live in obedience, we live in the grace He has lavished on us for that moment. When we yield our mind to the enemy, he will push us into the past or present so we miss the moment God has uniquely designed for us. We also miss so much that God has for us because we insist on analyzing the present to see how it fits into our future. If we feel it doesn't fit or its not for us, then we discard the idea. God keeps trying to give us His preferred future for our lives, but we reject it because its not what we think we need. In reality, its exactly what we need, but we do not yet know it. When we live in the moment, we receive all things from God's hand because we trust Him. We don't look at that gift in light of our future, but in light of the giver. To be honest, we resist living this way because we really don't know God well enough, and we say we trust Him, but we don't. it takes ruthless trust to live in the now place.

I am finding there is peace in the now place. God's Word clearly says we need to make provision for the future and count the cost, and so on, but thats not what I'm referring to. I am learning to not worry about the future. I just need to learn to hear His voice and live in that moment. Abraham had a promise from the Lord. The Lord spoke to Him about his future and he lived in the hope of what God had said He would do. Romans 4 says he did not consider the limitations of his present circumstances. If he would have considered that his body was dead, he would have doubted in the future God had for him. Instead, He focused on the promise and God's Word for him in that moment which was to believe and walk in faith.

We all need to walk in that same faith and confidence. Put yourself in his hands. Put your future and all the circumstances and problems and unresolved issues in His hands and trust Him to do all He has said He will do.

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