Unconditional Blessing

“It takes me a long while to realize that God has no respect for anything I bring Him. All He wants from me is unconditional surrender.” —Oswald Chambers "My Utmost For His Highest"

I think the church needs to realize this today. I think I need to realize this. We bring God so many things, methods, new paradigms and programs, but He has no interest in those things. All God has ever wanted is you and I. Its easier for us to turn our focus elsewhere and sacrifice what does not cost us something. Unconditional surrender will cost you everything. Its hard for all of us because our self wants its way, but I prefer to look at it as positioning myself for unconditional blessing. As I have said before, yielding to God is the easiest thing in the world and the hardest. Lets give Him everything and see what He will do. Lets walk with Him in the impossible places.

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