Living in the Later

Don't raise your hand, but how many of you live in the later? OK, I'm raising my hand. I find myself feeling like I need to spend more time in the Word or more time in prayer or more time building relationships with others, but I always say I'll start that next week or do it tomorrow. I'm sure you know what I mean. The enemy is all for us doing good things as long as we do them tomorrow. He is OK with us walking in obedience as long as we do it later on. God expects us to obey in the now. There is no time with God. He lives in the now and always desires to transform our lives. There is never a moment when He does not want to pour out His love in and through us. When we give in to living in the later, we usually don't accomplish what we needed to do, and we also miss the moment. Every moment is a gift and an opportunity to know Christ more.

One thing that has helped me to live in the now is to always respond to God right away. God may speak to you about something that will happen a year from now, but there is part of that, the first step maybe, that He will have you take now. Even if you stop and take time to acknowledge His voice, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you walk in obedience, you have started the process and not just put it off till later. Our future in God comes through a series of now steps. That's why the enemy fights us so hard in this area. He does not want us to reach the end of the process fully equipped to do the work God has called us to do.

If you have been living in the later, ask the Holy Spirit to help you walk beside Him in the now. Go ahead... do it now.

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