A Time to Worship

I woke up yesterday and the song on the radio said "Today is a day of battle", and believe me, it was. There are always battles to be fought, but the real battle for victory is when we are able to push through all the circumstances and distractions around us and walk in obedience to advance the kingdom. The victory comes in the peace and quietness that strengthens us when we submit our mind to the Holy Spirit. The battle must be won within. Then we go out and the Lord will go before us to accomplish His will.

Today I woke up and the song on the radio said "Now is the time to worship", and I plan to do just that for He is a good God. His mercies are new every morning. Blessed are those who put their whole trust, their whole life into His strong hands. He will deliver us. He is a refuge to all who call upon His mighty name. There is no name like His name that is to be lifted up and exalted high above all things. He is the God who loves His people and gives Himself for them because of His greatness and goodness. He has lavished His grace upon us through His precious Son, and in Christ we are His. There is none like my God and I will praise His name forever and ever.

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