Christmas - The Day After

The day after Christmas always feels a little anti-climatic for me. All the gifts are unwrapped, all the family visits are over, and my trash bin is full of bags of wrapping paper and boxes. My daughter gets these Barbie and Polly Pocket toys that take about an hour to get out of the box, and my son has about 500 Lego pieces that we need to put together. And of course there is plenty of left over cake and cookies and my wife's spiral ham (Yum!).

It seems like Christmas gets the whole worlds attention. For whatever reason they all stop and take time to change their schedules, spend their money, and go though all the rituals. The wise men and shepherds did the same thing. They took time out to stop and come see this new born baby King and then they all went home and got on with their lives. We all do the same, but the story of Jesus is not just about Christmas time and His birth. Thirty years later Jesus said "Come, take up your cross and follow me".

I don't know about you, but when Dec. 26th gets here, I'm ready to move on. When it comes to Jesus though, I will stay with Him and worship Him forever.

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