God's Timing

God timing is always perfect. We don't always see that, but we need to learn to. We always want to go, to get through, to run when he says be still, wait, seek, listen. Then we don't want to move and we fall back in fear and doubt and uncertainty whenever He says He is with us and we need to go forth in boldness and strength as we obey. We don't always get it right, but He knows how to direct our life even in the little things.

About a month ago, I downloaded some message from Dr. Paul Conn, President of Lee University. I remember how much his messages touched me when I was a student there. I like to look from time to time to see if I can find messages from people I have not heard in a while to see what new things God is doing. So I found two messages from Dr. Conn preached at Central Church of God in Charlotte, NC. The first one was excellent and timely. The second, I tried to listen to a few different times, but I kept getting interrupted. Last night I was studying for a class I am teaching and the Lord spoke to me that I need to do an extended study of Philippians. So tonight I finally get some time alone in the car driving to class and the Lord said "Why don't you listen to that message from Dr. Conn now" so I put it in and guess what... he is preaching about Philippians.

God's timing is perfect right down to the most minute detail, because he knows all those details and moments are being worked together and formed for our eternal good. Thank you Jesus, You are sooo good to me.

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