Jesus, My Hero

I was driving home the other night feeling sorry for myself and letting my mind dwell on problems and stresses and all the challenges that life brings. I started thinking about how unfair it is and how I deserve better since I serve the Lord faithfully and I've done this and I've done that right.

Then the Holy Spirit starts to take my mind to the cross and I see images of Jesus being beat and flogged and hanging there on the cross. He is looking at me with such love in His eyes, and in the midst of all that He is encouraging me and thinking of me. He is cheering for me because He knows I can make it because He is with me. Such joy fills His eyes because He knows He is making it possible for me to live in victory, in Him. He knows He has finished the work. He hangs there looking at me enduring the horrible pain and suffering of that cross because of the joy set before Him, because of His love for me, and all I can do is fall on my face and worship Him and shout out Jesus, you are my hero. You did it when we all could not. You are the one who did not fail, you did not complain, you did not think of yourself. He is the only one who is worthy and deserves all our love and all our devotion. What incredible love that He gives Himself when we cannot. When we fail, He succeeds, when we fall, He is lifted up, where we gave up, He keeps going and endures and presses through.

I can do nothing else but stand up by His cross weeping and shouting "Yes Jesus. Go Jesus. Do it for us all. You are my Hero!"

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