The Power of the Cross

In Acts 1:8, Jesus told His disciples that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit had come upon them. We know the results of the power of the Holy Spirit coming into their lives and our lives today will be that we become a living witness of Jesus. What should this power do in our life? It is the power to follow Christ through death and into life. It is the power to live and the power to die. It is the power to come down at the foot of the cross. I think this is the part we miss and its where the enemy hangs us up. We want the power to live, but Jesus said unless the seed fall into the ground and die, there is no life. We try to save our life and still serve the Lord. Again, Jesus said if we try to save our life, then we will loose it, but if we loose it, allowing it to be surrendered to the cross, then we will be saved and have that power to live.

Are you willing to take your life to the cross? Are you willing to surrender your day, your circumstances, and all your thoughts to the Spirit's control? Thats how you receive the power to live. You have to die to self and be emptied so He can fill you and live through you in that day, in that circumstance, in those thoughts. Can He have His way in your marriage, your finances, your ministry? Are you praying and waiting and seeking the Lord to come into those areas of your life and do a miracle? Then you need to take them to the cross and let them die. He has promised that when we seek Him, He will give us the power to come to His cross. You will need His power to lay down your life, your day, your every moment. You will need His power to come to the foot of the cross.

Like Paul, I beseech you, I implore you, that you would present your life to Him as a living sacrifice. Step out in a place of trust and know He will bring the transformation that He has promised. Don't settle for living in a place where you want to see God move and want His power. Move into a place where He is moving and doing powerful things in and through your life.

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