Presidential Politics

I usually don't spend too much time keeping up on politics. Especially now because I get tired of all the people screaming at you telling you exactly what they think you want to hear. Most of the candidates out there have really no idea how to solve the issues facing America. One reason is because they really don't want to solve them, they just want to convince you and I that they can solve the problems so they can be president (My opinion). Secondly and most importantly, their world view does not extend beyond the natural and they don't see the big picture that we are not here to make this world a better place, but to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, prepare ourselves for eternity, and make disciples. Not that we are not to make this world a better place, but thats not the primary reason we are here. Anyway, I know God is sovereign and in control, and I don't feel, as many in the church today, that politics is the answer to America turning back to God. That will only happen when God's people share His love.

That being said, I do feel we need to be very proud of our privilege to participate in the freedom God has given us and we need to be involved, know what we're talking about, and vote.

I haven't endorsed any candidates up to this point because its aggravating that they start all the campaign stuff like 5 years before the actual election (little exaggeration), but after looking at Mike Huckabee's web site today and watching some of the You Tube videos, I really like him and where he stands. He is also a conservative, right wing, Christian, Republican which is fine with me.

I certainly welcome your comments and thoughts.

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