Change for America

I think presidential politics are very interesting. Everyone has their own ideas on how to change the world and make it a better place to live. I was listening to Obama describe his vision for a better, safer, more prosperous America for the generations to come. Sounds great. Everyone wants to live in a place like that, and I found myself getting caught up in that same thought process. The truth is that man is lost without Christ and unable to lift himself up into a better place. I want to see a strong, prosperous America. I think thats what God intends for our nation, but strong for what reason? Is it just so we can have more and serve ourselves? We have a tremendous responsibility to spread the gospel, make disciples, and help those in need who are all around us. Do we take advantage of the freedom we have to go into our community and help our neighbors and love them and get in their life so they can see Jesus first hand? There are places right now in the world where you'd be killed for doing that. We need to not look at this responsibility as a duty, but a privilege. That right has been given to us not because of who sits in political office, but because Jesus died to make it so.

I think Obama has the right idea. America is desperate for Hope and Change, but neither him nor any other candidate can bring that about. Our nation needs to see Jesus Christ up close and personal, loving them, reaching out to them, eating meals with them, healing them, and setting them free. They will only see it through the lives of those who take up their cross and follow Christ to a place of servant hood.

I wish Jesus was running for President. I'd vote for Him!

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