Living a New Year for the King

It always feels good to begin a new year. Its a chance to start over and commit ourselves again to the things God is speaking into our lives. If your like me, it seems you have failed and let God down so many times, but each day is new with new mercy and strength from a God who loves us.

I was reading Esther this morning and I like the part where the King gives queen Esther the house of Haman and gives Mordecai a position of authority before the king. Haman lived like most of us do. We struggle and scheme to get our way and further our own interests through our own means. Haman thought he had accomplished something great and was very proud of himself, but then it was all taken away in a moment and given to those who were faithful to the king and not to themselves. I think we can miss the fact that the king owned everything. Haman forgot he served the king and all he had was the king's. We forget that as well. All we see in this world is the Lord's. He gives to whom He will and we need to learn to trust in His ways. God proves through the life of Esther that He is in control and He will exalt those who trust in Him in due time.

I intend to live this year in the service of my king who is the King of Kings. I want my life to please Him and acknowledge that all things are His. I encourage you to do the same. Trust Him ruthlessly and seek Him relentlessly this year.

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