Can You Hear Me Now?

As I have been more intentional these past few weeks about my prayer time with the Lord, He has been teaching me a few things. One thing as I have mentioned before is that we think we will just jump in where we left off when we last got sidetracked by the cares of life and the daily grind. That doesn't happen. The Holy Spirit is patient to acclimate us slowly to His presence. The thing He is showing me now is that I really don't know how to listen and really hear what He is speaking to my heart. One of my biggest pet peeves is that people don't listen when you are talking to them, but Jesus is always listening and its us who rush in with preconceived ideas of what He wants to say to us or how He will work our situation out or answer our prayer. We have to let all that go, let go of our desire to have our prayer answered the way we want and trust in His plan. Hearing takes some mental effort and discipline and conditioning and waiting to get to a productive place. God is faithful to lead us through the process if we are willing to give Him our time.

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