Living in Poverty

I have to be honest, the spiritual state of the church today weighs on me. We live in poverty when we should live like princes in the Kingdom of Almighty God. I read of mighty men like Peter and John in Acts. I don't care how much we talk like it and put programs together to convince ourselves, we look nothing like this early church. These men lived in the wealth and treasures of Jesus Christ. They freely allowed the Precious Holy Spirit to flow through their lives to a dying world. These men certainly knew the call on their lives and Christ's commission for them to go share the gospel and make disciples, but more importantly (Yes I did say more importantly) they were absolutely in love with Jesus.

Please hear me. The only way to reach this lost world for Jesus is for God's people to be entirely His. The more we let this truth sink deep into our hearts and minds,the more we will see His power and His truth and His saving grace released in the world today.

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