Wait God, Your Not Doing That Right

Yeah, you read that title right.

Have you ever come to those moments with God when He asks you to surrender to Him your ministry or your hopes or your dreams or whatever it is that is near your heart? Has He ever asked you to trust Him with those things that are precious to you? Has He ever asked you to let go of the things you hold on to the most?

Have you ever said yes to Him and reluctantly, but with a good feeling in your heart, let go of that thing He has asked for? Then have you watched as God begins to tear it apart and change it and reform it and rebuilt it as He sees fit? Have you ever then felt this desperate need to take it back and say "Wait God, Your not doing that right!"? Have you ever then reached out your hand to take it back with some sense of righteous justification and spiritual pride like you know better how these things need to be done? Have you then tried to do it yourself and fail while God is standing there patiently waiting for you to exhaust your own efforts? Have you ever then suddenly realized He is always right and His ways are perfect and holy and true and righteous and just and merciful and gracious and you then fall on your face and cry out to Him in worship and adoration as your overwhelmed by His unfathomable love for you?

I have.

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