Washing Dishes with Jesus

A few months ago, my cousin Randy began attending one our church plants, LIFE House Church East and the Lord began to work in his life. A few weeks after that he got a job washing dishes at the Olive Garden. Randy is a hard worker and he takes his time to do things right. Recently some Hispanics joined his dish washing crew and apparently those guys can really move. Randy was feeling bad about not being as fast as these guys. Then he found out they do not have a car and they walk over a mile to get home late at night after closing. So Randy offered to give them a ride and of course he then had an opportunity to share with them what Christ has been doing in his life and he invites them to the LIFE House. Now their helping him learn how to do the dishes faster. So you never know when you may be doing dishes with someone who is ready to be Jesus and let their light shine.

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