I love Easter. Its like Christmas, but without all the commercialism. Every year, I feel such a closeness and intimacy with the Lord. Maybe its just me, but I get a little frustrated with how we make such a big deal about it in church world. I understand, and I love to see the church full of friends and family that do not come normally, but it seems so fake and religious. I think Jesus deserves better than that, but then again, I need to remember He died to give them the right to come to Him, and He gives me the right to come with my own filthy rags and sinful life. I always take time to watch "The Passion" on Good Friday because it is a vivid reminder of what Jesus did for me. Easter is special to me be because I remember how 33 years ago, Jesus cared enough to speak to a small five year old boy sitting in the back of the church with the other kids watching a film about Jesus dying on the cross. I was that boy and I can still feel my heart breaking for what I realized Jesus had done for me. He was asking for my life so I let Him in and I have never regretted that decision for one second.

You are all that I need Jesus. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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