How Good is My God

Alright, I need to brag on God because I love when He takes time to move in the small moments of my life.

I'm getting ready to teach a new class starting this Sunday called "One LIFE". So I start taking notes and I look up "Unity" in my Bible study software so the Holy Spirit can tell me where to start. I see Ps. 133 and the HS tells me to write it down and we'll come back to it later. So I move on, then the HS reminds me that I have not listened to Bill Johnson's podcast yet, so I turn the worship music off and download the message. I keep working on gathering references, and then I hear Bill start talking about unity and then he goes to Ps. 133 and breaks it down. How good is God. Man I want to really flow in His voice unhindered, unfettered, and wholly committed to that kind of intimacy and oneness.

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