Under the Weather

Some chest cold thing has been going around and I refused to get it in Jesus name, but it finally caught up with me. Its funny how many things we have going on in life that we have to cancel when we get sick for one day. I'm the kind of person that gets up and goes to work anyway, but it wasn't happening today. I was thinking about how many people live under the weather spiritually. They are no where near their optimal potential. I'm not talking about they have arrived, but how they are right where God wants them to be for that moment in their life. I will do everything I can to get rid of this cold so I can get back to the things in my life that matter to me. We need to make the same commitment spiritually. Be relentless and get back to the place God has for you. Don't miss out on the good things He has for you and His grace that is waiting for you to receive. We get knocked down spiritually many times, but we have to get back up and press forward. We may be troubled, but we are not closed in, we may be perplexed, but not utterly lost, we may be persecuted, but not forsaken, cast down, but not destroyed (II Cor 4:7-9). God has made a way for us to overcome and live our life to the fullest through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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