Becoming a Lion Chaser

I started a new journey yesterday. I felt the Lord encouraging me to let Him take me to a new place in my personal time alone with Him. Honestly, my first reaction to that was fear of the unknown, and a profound sense of inadaquacy, but I pressed forward anyway and asked the Lord where I should begin, and the answer was with David's mighty men. Then I walked into a book store and the first book I saw was "In a Pit With a Lion On a Snowy Day" by Mark Batterson. So I started reading the book last night after I went through the accounts of David's mighty men in II Sam 23. Benaiah was one tough warrior who tracked a lion down and followed it into a pit on a snowy day and killed it.

We need to learn how to allow the Lord to lead us every moment of every day. His methods and timing may seem wrong to us many times and definitely uncomfortable, but He is trustworthy and true. Suspend your fears, say no to the lies and keep going even though everything in the natural tells you to stop.

As I was meditating on the accounts of David's mighty men, I tried to put myself in their place and feel what they were feeling. I began to feel this tremendous courage and condence fill my heart. I felt like I was no longer me battling everyday against the flood of self doubt and fear that threatens to rise up and take my destiny in Christ Jesus, but I felt the heart of a lion rising up in my spirit. That must have been what Benaiah felt when he chased down that lion into a snowy pit and killed it.

That feeling was momentary for me, but the promises of God are true and eternal. In that time of focus on the Word when I let my mind be open to God's reality, I heard Him speak. He said I can give you the heart of lion and place within you all the courage and all the strength to be absolutely everything I have created you to be. What an amazing God we serve!

I'll share more as I read through the book. Let God help you become a lion chaser. Be willing to take the journey with Him.

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