Facing the River

Life is full of times when like Isreal, we stand face to face with a raging river. What do we do? The voice and promises of God are calling us forward, but comfort and familiarity are calling us back. What did Moses do? He sought the council of others and listened to their voice and went back, not forward. What did Joshua do? He sough the Lord, prepared himself and his people, and went forward, not back.

What are you going to do? Whose voice are you listening to? This life is a journey in Christ. Seek Him. Follow Him. Trust Him. Don't turn back. Don't make the decision to go back and go around the wilderness yet another time. These are the moments that define your life and position you to receive the portion God has set aside for your life. He is a good God and He has good things in store for His people. Step forward and give yourself, deny yourself, and follow Him.

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