Has anyone seen my apostolic, emergant, evangelical, missional, networked, culturally relevant Jesus?

We can make following Christ be about so many things. We come up with so many good ideas, and write books, and hold seminars, with famous people who call themselves "Author, Speaker, and Teacher Dr. So and so". We come up with so many lables for new movements, and a lot of times I think we just complicate things. I know sometimes those terms help clarify or define our objectives for others, or bring it all into perspective for people, but really, I think our need to define reveals a lack of trust and abiding within us. I get overwhelmed with all that, and I get tired of trying to keep up with it all and buy more books which I will only read half of because I get the point in the first chapter. I'd rather forge the way into new territory with God, instead of reading about people who say they are doing it. Like when Winston Churchill was asked if history would portray him favorably, he said "Yes because I am writing it".

Just some thoughts, but I was wondering if I'm the only one who just longs to know Jesus more. To see Him, to feel Him surrounding me with new life, to hear His wispering voice speak to a depth of my heart that no one else can reach. I want to praise His name with all my being, but sometime just feel no matter what I say or do its not enough. To bow before Him and say You are the One who is all together lovely and worthy. You are the one who the oceans obey and the mountains bow down to. You are the one whom I love and adore, and You are the one who has rescued me. I think He just wants us to follow Him and obey Him and love Him.

What do you think?

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