No Backup Plan

Some key points for me from Chapter 2 of "In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day"
  • Lion chasers in the toughest circumstances because they know that impossible odds set the stage for amazing miricles.
  • How you think of God will determine who you become.
  • The more we grow, the bigger God should get. And the bigger God gets, the smaller our lions become.
  • The reality is that nothing is too difficult for God.

I've really been challenged about how much I limit God because I act on my perceptions of the circumstance and not His. We like to think God is number one in our life and we say he is everything, but in reality, the God who we confine to our own thoughts and abilities is a very small God. Learning how to step back and let God take over your thoughts and emotions and even the outcome of every moment is a difficult, but necessary lesson to learn.

My wife and I are facing a big decision and we're moving forward with what God has spoken to us and what those in spiritual authority over our lives have confirmed. Someone suggested a backup plan to me today, and they meant well, but I thought to my self... there is no backup plan. I'm moving forward one way or another. Did Benaiah have a backup plan when he jumped into the pit with the lion? I don't think he did. He was only coming out of there one of two ways, dead or alive. I've resisted making that kind of a stand because of all the "What Ifs" in my head, but I'm beginning to realize there is no failure in obedience to God. He will make a way to accomplish His will in my life one way or another.

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