The Gift of a Choice

Just a quick thought here that crossed my mind.

Every one of us have been given the power of free will. I don't think we realize the power and freedom that lies behind that gift. Real power is found in surrendering our will to stand in God's will or if you look at it another way, continually exercising our choice to let God choose. We can get just a taste of the range and scope of that power when we make our own choices. Whether good or bad, it feels good to make a choice for our self. It feels fulfilling to chart our own course and control our own destiny. We like that feeling and self wants its way so we give in to that power and let it rule our life. We live in a very small percentage of the whole that is intended for our lives. What if we would let go of that? What if we would open the door to a far more powerful existence which is found in the surrendered life? What if instead of walking, we could fly?

I don't know about you, but I want to press on and live in that place. What an awesome privilege it is to give my choice to God. He has given me more that I could ever comprehend and yet everyday I have a chance to give Him something of great worth and value. My free will.

Don't spend your choice on yourself. Give it to God.

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