Looking Foolish

Are you willing to run after what God has spoken to you and look foolish in the process? If you try to do it while constantly worrying about what others think, you will never get there. Did David care about what he looked like when he went out to face Goliath? He was a shepherd boy, not a seasoned warrior. Maybe Saul wanted to put his armor on David to save him some embarrassment. David was focused and resolute and accomplished the task.

I'm sure it felt good to David to have God vindicate his actions. Sometimes though we go after what God has spoken, we make a fool of our self, and then we don't get the victory in front of the whole army. Sometimes God has another way and we have to walk away with everyone still thinking we're crazy. Would you still step out in the beginning? That's the only way we will ever really chase down that lion. David did not have an exit plan. When he stepped on that field and challenged Goliath, there was no turning back. Even if Goliath stomped him into the ground, David would have still stepped out.

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