Monday Movies

Kristen and I don't get much time to watch movies together, but we really enjoy that when we can. Usually we get to do that on Sunday nights. My Sunday morning class is over for another week, our LIFE group is done, and we have a few hours to do nothing until the week starts again. I thought I'd share some reviews once in a while on Monday mornings. Oh, and if your not using Blockbuster online or Netflixs, I'd recommend it.

We watched two movies this weekend.

Jumper - All I can say is man I wish I could do that. I'd find some really awesome places to get alone with the Lord everyday, and date night with Kristen would be a whole new adventure.

August Rush - I really like this movie. Good music always makes you feel warm inside. I think letting yourself get immersed in good music gives us just a taste of what awaits us in Heaven.

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