The Power of Weeping

I wanted to share this powerful message The Power of Weeping by Michael Youssef.

I have felt the Lord stirring my heart lately that we must wake up to some very important things the Lord is trying to speak to His people. The church today seems to be going through a rebirth of sorts with a real, Acts-like, missional message, and I see truth in the midst of it, but that truth is surrounded by and often drowned out by many, many voices that bring mans voice and not God's. We must pray and seek God more than ever with a humble spirit, seeking a true personal revival and a new unyielding committment to serve our Master. We need a new found depth in our relationship with the precious Holy Spirit. We need to let Him have His way as we yield our time and thought and prayers, and our wants and desires, and our hearts. I am longing to see the real, power of the miraculous in our midst. I want to hear the Word of God being spoken like fire coming from His servants and the shephards of his people, and not the sound of man which dulls us and brings us to a dangerous place of complacency. I love to be with believers and I love when we encourage one another in the good things of the Lord, but I also love the Lord and I long to see Him more in myself and more in others, and sometimes thats challenging and convicting, but its good.

Please pray that God will help each of us draw near to Him with a humble spirit.

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