Rivers of Living Water

Jesus said "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.'" John 7:38. I've been meditating on this verse a lot lately, and heard a good message on it by Bill McCleod. This is a powerful, yet simple verse. I am constantly amazed at how much we (me) ask God for things He has already given and already made provision for. We pray and seek a move of God, or a way to reach souls, or personal revival, but the answer is right here, a river of Jesus flowing out of His people as He intended. The problem is that there is a river of self flowing out of most believers. Maybe if that's the case we don't really believe Jesus. He says right here in the verse "He who believes in me...". If we truly believe from a transformed heart that Jesus is the answer to everything, then we would make a decision to do it His way and let the river flow. Many don't make that decision and they keep striving to fix their ministry, or their finances, or their relationships, and the whole time all the answers they need are shut up in their inner most being. How can the river bring more life and more fruit there. Jesus intended it to flow out into our life and others.

We need to repent for our unbelief and submit ourselves once again to the examination of the Holy Spirit. He will teach us how to believe and how to yield our self to the river of Jesus living within us.

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