The Power of Authority and Submission

In the past few years, I have increasing learned the power of submitting myself not only to God's authority over my life, but also of those leaders that God has placed me under. I am always amazed at how submission to those in authority over us, opens up blessings from the Lord in a greater capacity. It also opens a conduit for the Holy Spirit to pour into your life more wisdom, creativity, and favor. It seems like all Jesus teaching on denying self and loosing our life to save it is correct in spite of what the world and our own self tells us.

I read Mark Driscoll's blog today A Conversation with Wayne Grudem, and I thought his responses to the questions he was asked were right on. A refusal to submit oneself to the authority of the scriptures and to those godly men and women over them is certainly a big problem in our culture today. We need to model submission to authority to those around us more than ever. I like Dr. Grudem's summary at the end that he aspires for Christians to believe whatever God says and obey whatever he commands. I say AMEN to that.
In my time with Dr. Grudem I asked him a few questions that I thought would be worth sharing. (I informed him that I would blog his answers to ensure that he was respected.) I asked him which doctrines he would encourage young Christian leaders to devote themselves to studying as they prepare for what potentially lies ahead theologically. He said that for such a weighty question he would prefer to thoughtfully craft an answer, but did give two recommendations in the moment:

1. Scripture — He said that every issue ultimately hinges on one’s view of the inerrancy, authority, and truthfulness of Scripture in every way. He encourages all young Christian leaders to make sure that deep within them is a love for and trust in every word of Scripture as God’s perfect revelation to us.

2. Authority — He said that he sees authority as a pervasive problem in our culture. As we talked, it became clear that what he meant is that people profess to be Christians yet refuse to submit to God’s authority, including Scripture, and people God has ordained to be in loving authority, such as godly parents and pastors.

He summarized his points by saying that he aspires for Christians to believe whatever God says and obey whatever God commands.

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