The Power of Deception

I've been feeling somewhat uneasy lately over the state of our world today. Not a fearful feeling, but a feeling that things are changing and God is allowing it as He always does for our good. There is ongoing and increasing conflict in the Middle East as well as Iraq and Iran. There is conflict now with Russia which I feel will get worse, and I believe there are issues with China. I used to see skirmishes around the world taking place with religious radicals somewhere who were doing the equivalent of throwing stones at tanks, but now we have Iran, Russian, and China out there who do not like us. These are superpowers and are capable of throwing a lot more than rocks.

I am not taking a pessimistic view on our world today because I know God is the ruler of kings and kingdoms and He will have His way. I do believe though that God's people need to wake up and take on a warrior spirit to combat the power of deception coming from the enemy to destroy this world and rob God of all the glory and honor that is due Him. I am all for the missional changes that are stirring in the church world today. I think its all a good thing, but I'm weary of hearing about the how author, speaker, and preacher so and so from their trendy casual new paradigm church at the shopping mall is bringing transformation to our world. I think we hide in that self made world sometimes and miss what the Lord really wants to do in and through His people.

I am proud to live in the best nation on earth and I know we have God's favor still, but it is not nations and laws and governments who will bring about change, just like its not churches who spread the good news of Christ, its people. People who say "Yes Lord". That's all it takes, submitted lives and yielded hearts ready to be last and give up their life so that Christ can be exalted. The light of truth shining through surrendered lives will be what goes out and breaks the power of deception that is spreading in our world.

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