Trusting in the Lord

I was listening to a message by John Piper on the biography of George Mueller. This man's life is convicting and challenging. What a life of faith and trust in the Lord. What would it be like for us to trust in the Lord to the extent that we never ask for money, we never borrow any money, we never take a salary, but we simply trust in the Lord. Is God not great enough, does He not have enough resources available to sustain His people? What is it like to live completely dependent on our Loving God through faith and prayer? I know the Lord desperately want to see his people take Him at his Word and step into a place of spiritual abundance where we receive the fruit of the Word into our life and let it flow out from our life to the world around us.

I'll be honest, that kind of trust is a little scary, but deep in my heart I would love to live in that place. This world and all its systems and dependencies can entangle us and slow us down and make us unfruitful and ineffective.

Lets take steps to really begin to trust the Lord. Let ask Him for help to walk in His ways.

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